About Meredith

This is me, Meredith!

I remember holding this very print, and loving it so much I cut the corners off… TO MAKE IT LOOK BETTER COZ I WAS 7.

I grew up seeing myself reflected on mantles, walls and in albums (the flypaper kind you’d stick polaroids to?) I was lucky enough to grow up feeling seen, loved, and that the ever-changing me MATTERED. I can’t imagine anything more encouraging.

I want your children to feel endlessly loved, grow up with beautiful photographic art celebrating their amazingness, and continue to recognize their ginormous importance in the world and your lives.

Meredith ❤️


Everyone is welcome.

I want to help you celebrate amazing moments and memories with your family & pets with stunning documentation and epic art displays to enjoy for decades.

I embrace ALL stories of growth, ALL families’ love, ALL identifications, and wish to genuinely, compassionately, and respectfully connect & capture everyone’s unique personality, individuality, & heart.