Park Slope Toddler Indoor Shoot!!

Who says you can’t shoot gorgeous natural light photographs in the middle of winter?  This MOST DELICIOUS little dumpling was photographed when it was less than 30 degrees F (and ridiculously windy) and you would never know it as their stunning apartment had the most fabulous afternoon light!!!  Hooray all around!!!

And, um, hello cheeks!!!!! And she SHIMMIES too!!!! I nearly ate her.  Oh mah gahds….. LOVED her and am already so looking forward to watching her grow… and of course continue to shimmy  🙂

xmnyc_children's_photographynyc_brooklyn_family photographer


At home in NJ!

I’m often asked if I travel outside of NYC. The answer is YES! And was I ever glad that I do when I met this gorgeous family in New Jersey! They were so wonderful and vivacious AND they have dogs so they had me at ‘is it ok that we have TWO?????’ One could immediately see the joy and love and beauty in all of their faces (parents included) as soon as I walked in their door. It was such a terrific afternoon! (And who doesn’t love newborns in fuzzy hats?!?!?) Hooray!!!

“You are amazing! These are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen!!!! Thank you so much Meredith. You are so incredibly talented.”- A.F.