Park Slope Prospect Park Baby Boy LOVE!!!!!

This little baby boy J had to be one of the most edible babies on the planet. I loved loved loved LOVED photographing him!!!

 How I managed not to sneak away with him in my arms (“quick, parents! Look THERE!”) I still don’t know.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM. Nothing short of complete delicious.


Those legs!!! Try not to eat your computer.



Oh my heart.



Could this family be any more gorgeous??? LOOK AT THEM!!!


Preeeetiest Cherry Blossoms courtesy of Brooklyn’s amaaaaaaaaaaaazing Prospect Park 🙂


Oh that belly!!!



Thank you so much G, A and baby J for sharing your afternoon with me! I so can’t wait to capture the years to come!

3 year old girl on location session in NJ!

In the wintery months, if you have gorgeous indoor light, nearly anything is possible! This STUNNING 3 year old redhead (!!!!!) was the perfect combo of olde-time Hollywood beauty and vaudeville silliness… I absolutely ADORED photographing and spending the afternoon with her! Wise beyond her years and so so so so so so much fun. And that face!!!!! Once again proof that you don’t need all these extra props and lights and stuff. You just need life. What Happens Next is magic.

It’s been amazing to document her throughout the years.  I could not love her more.

Another Park Sloper filled with love!!!

4 year old girl’s fantasticness!!!

I have had the incredible fortune of photographing this gorgeous girl ever since she was one day old. This is just a sneak peak of many more photos to come. But I could not resist posting. And? … I could not love her more.

1-year old baby boy portraits!

One of my favorite milestones is children’s 1st year.  It’s a huge defining moment and one of my all time fave ages to photograph. They are full on interactive, playful and 100000% pure delicious-ness. Look at this gorgeous baby boy!  How could you not fall in love with him?!?  He was SO incredibly fun, silly, happy and full of love.  I nearly ate him. So many moments to remember and hold…baby_family_nyc_photographersbaby_top_nyc_photographersbaby_toddler_nyc_photographersbaby_toddler_award_brooklyn_photographybaby_toddler_nyc_photography

Brooklyn Heights Lifestyle!!!

OMG i love this little girl SO MUCH!!! Wise beyond her years (quoting “Sam I am” verbatim amongst numerous Dr. Seussians) and so delightful I could squeeze her through next year. And HILARIOUS.  I love her and have decided I want to be her when I grow up.brooklyn family photographernyc pet photographypark slope childrens photographybrooklyn family photographynyc childrens photographernyc top childrens photographerschildren's photography nycpark slope best children family photographybaby photographers park slopebrooklyn nyc photographers

family photography nyc

Family shoot at Central Park Zoo!

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous little boy since he was a baby. Every year he becomes even more beautiful and fascinating and adorable and breathtakingly amazing. It’s a fantastic thing to get to witness and celebrate.

Below, a thank you from his family, reminded me of all the reasons I feel so extraordinarily fortunate to be a part of so many wonderful people’s lives. It truly is a ‘gift’ on every level.

There’s a story in The Arabian Nights where someone (Sympathy the Learned) is asked what is The Meaning of Life… and she replies “to cultivate enthusiasm.’ No truer words were said.

“Meredith. These images are truly, genuinely amazing. What an incredible eye and ease you have to be able to get into so many people’s heads, but most certainly in this case – our son’s. There are pictures here that make me laugh out loud, and that literally stop me in my tracks he’s so crushingly cute. His balance of being strong-boy and fair-haired-dearheart is completely evident throughout. I love him and I love these photographs. That day was a gift, and these photos will be there to remind us of that forever. Thank you thank you. THANK YOU!!”









Beautiful Long Island Portrait Session

I began photographing this beautiful little boy when he was still inside his momma’s belly. Every year since then (it’s been 4 and counting) I have had the distinct pleasure of watching this amazing child grow. I can not emphasize how incredibly special that honor is. I could not love him more.