Oh, hello there….


It’s TOTALLY unfair how short our pet’s time with us is.  Their company, love, humour and hearts are so interwoven and integral to our lives (and come on, how many of you have iThings that are not filled with dark, out of focus, blurry photos of them???)

Those crappy iPhone pix are not enough. You can’t hang them on your wall or frame them on your desk. They’ll stay, crowded with your selfies, with the thousands of food, cloud and feet shots, until whatever storage you have is full. The years will go by and you’ll always be scrolling back further. You say you’ll sort them all ‘one day’ but you and I know that’s never going to happen. Then, when your pets pass… all you’ll have are low resolution crappy shots that can only live on your iThing. Never on your walls, desks, bed tables. Only on a screen.

Your pets deserve better.

And you know it.

Do yourself a favor- get them done right. Now.


Park Slope Brooklyn Cat and Dog Photo Session!

This little Scottie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her sister had passed a few weeks before. Their owners had taken my cards multiple times saying ‘we really need to do this.’ Unfortunately it was too late to get photographs of the sister but we still had time for this little one.  We were able to have a beautiful day together.  We shot these images of her and her kitty sisters in and around their home. A few weeks later, just before the canvases and prints were delivered, the little Scottie passed. The family of course was devastated but so very thankful to have quality photographs forever capturing her spirit to hang on their walls and see and love every day.

“I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! wow these are absolutely TERRIFIC!!  thanks Meredith!!  
really enjoyed how easy you made the process and I love love love the beautiful pictures! I adore them!! 
Thanks again so much — it really means sooo much to have these beautiful, soulful pictures of my girl (and the teenaged kitties).” xoxoxo ss




Brooklyn, NY- Pet Grace Photography Session

The Amazing Emily, a gorgeous wee Yorkshire Terrier.  I received a call from Emily’s owner, saying that her days were numbered and her family realized they had never appropriately documented her in all her splendour.

Granted she may no longer be in her ‘prime,’ but her spirit and charm were immovable and it was crucial she be captured for her family to hold her both in their hearts and minds throughout all the years to come.

I clearly fell head over heels in love with her upon first glance.

Now her family have photos to reflect on her fabulousness forever.


At home in NJ!

I’m often asked if I travel outside of NYC. The answer is YES! And was I ever glad that I do when I met this gorgeous family in New Jersey! They were so wonderful and vivacious AND they have dogs so they had me at ‘is it ok that we have TWO?????’ One could immediately see the joy and love and beauty in all of their faces (parents included) as soon as I walked in their door. It was such a terrific afternoon! (And who doesn’t love newborns in fuzzy hats?!?!?) Hooray!!!

“You are amazing! These are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen!!!! Thank you so much Meredith. You are so incredibly talented.”- A.F.