Acting silly!


Dogs! Dogs!! Dogs!!!



Family shoot at Central Park Zoo!

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous little boy since he was a baby. Every year he becomes even more beautiful and fascinating and adorable and breathtakingly amazing. It’s a fantastic thing to get to witness and celebrate.

Below, a thank you from his family, reminded me of all the reasons I feel so extraordinarily fortunate to be a part of so many wonderful people’s lives. It truly is a ‘gift’ on every level.

There’s a story in The Arabian Nights where someone (Sympathy the Learned) is asked what is The Meaning of Life… and she replies “to cultivate enthusiasm.’ No truer words were said.

“Meredith. These images are truly, genuinely amazing. What an incredible eye and ease you have to be able to get into so many people’s heads, but most certainly in this case – our son’s. There are pictures here that make me laugh out loud, and that literally stop me in my tracks he’s so crushingly cute. His balance of being strong-boy and fair-haired-dearheart is completely evident throughout. I love him and I love these photographs. That day was a gift, and these photos will be there to remind us of that forever. Thank you thank you. THANK YOU!!”