Brooklyn, NY- Pet Grace Photography Session

The Amazing Emily, a gorgeous wee Yorkshire Terrier.  I received a call from Emily’s owner, saying that her days were numbered and her family realized they had never appropriately documented her in all her splendour.

Granted she may no longer be in her ‘prime,’ but her spirit and charm were immovable and it was crucial she be captured for her family to hold her both in their hearts and minds throughout all the years to come.

I clearly fell head over heels in love with her upon first glance.

Now her family have photos to reflect on her fabulousness forever.


Counting Our Blessings in the wake of Sandy

Being a NYC photographer it’s impossible to ignore the horrible disasters, destruction, loss of properties and lives that surround us in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  My heart goes out to clients, friends, colleagues and all who have lost power, water, homes and much much more.  It truly reminds us how fragile life can be and how important it is to wholeheartedly appreciate what we have while we have it.

We were extremely fortunate in Park Slope as the damage in this part of Brooklyn was minimal (though many trees were lost which I always find so sad.) That being said I am constantly reminded of our friends in Long Island, NJ and lower Manhattan who were not so fortunate.  It’s times like these that we count our blessings and reach out to be with those around us and help out those in need.

If you’d like to help out with the relief effort please visit:

Please help the NYC aquarium!!!! &

All the very best, m

At home in NJ!

I’m often asked if I travel outside of NYC. The answer is YES! And was I ever glad that I do when I met this gorgeous family in New Jersey! They were so wonderful and vivacious AND they have dogs so they had me at ‘is it ok that we have TWO?????’ One could immediately see the joy and love and beauty in all of their faces (parents included) as soon as I walked in their door. It was such a terrific afternoon! (And who doesn’t love newborns in fuzzy hats?!?!?) Hooray!!!

“You are amazing! These are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen!!!! Thank you so much Meredith. You are so incredibly talented.”- A.F.


NYC Wedding Party Celebration Photography!

These two were made for each other.  Amazing and crazy talented in every way.  And such wonderful people!   They had a very intimate wedding celebration upstate but wanted their wedding reception to be a big blowout bash in NYC.  Their reception was at Shun Lee West and it was awesome.  Beautiful, dynamic and sooooooooo much fun.  Just like them 🙂











Glorious Park Slope Photo session!

mzphotography_childrens_photographers_nyc_brooklyn_UESOk. This girl. OK?
Those eyes!
That smile!

She had me at her shy ‘hi’. Then after about 5 minutes, she’d decided that only I was ‘allowed’ to play with her (an honor of honors to behold) and promptly grabbed my hand and marched me to the playground where we swung on swings (well she did all of the swinging), played on the slides and jungle gyms and ‘discovered’ a ‘secret’ flower garden! Oh not to mention crouch crouch crouching and then tip toe tip toe tip toeing to chase any and every pigeon we could find!

Then back to run and cuddle and more playing!

The absolute BEST way I could imagine spending an afternoon in Park Slope! Have I mentioned how lucky i am? Or how much fun we had????


wonderful letter from a stranger

I quickly wanted to share the following email I received today from someone from British Columbia who came across my website and had the most loveliest of things to say about my photography. I was beyond flattered and so thankful for his super kind words:

your ability to capture such complexity with so much simplicity amazes me
I absolutely love your work and am blown away by your ability to capture so much personality from the people you photograph and yet your pictures are beautifully simple. If you were to just crop the eyes of person it would tell you everything you need to know of the whole.

how outstandingly wonderful is that?
extremely wonderful.
thank you oh Canadian!