Engagement Session!!!

This RIDICULOUSLY ATTRACTIVE (and talented- they’re both amazing actors and musicians and writers and puppeteers and just overall incredibly amazing human beings… oh and they’re also hilarious) couple asked me to photograph their engagement session. I shot both of their headshots and pretty much haven’t stopped jumping up and down ever since they asked me to photograph this session. They are both ginormous comic book fans so we shot at the equally amazing Bergen Street Comics.  Bergen Street Comics were wonderful and let us use their space (WITH INCREDIBLE NATURAL LIGHT!!! omg!) before they opened and I’m already looking forward to going back and getting armfuls of incredible comics!

This couple was SUCH FUN to shoot!!!  They are so beautiful and equally beautifully in love (awww) I could have stayed with them all day…  And the light was soooooooooo spectacular omg…

Check out how these gorgeousnesses rocked everything out of this world:




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