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Park Slope Brooklyn Cat and Dog Photo Session!

This little Scottie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her sister had passed a few weeks before. Their owners had taken my cards multiple times saying ‘we really need to do this.’ Unfortunately it was too late to get pet photographs of the sister but we still had time for this little one.  We were able to have a beautiful day together.  We shot these images of her and her kitty sisters in and around their home. A few weeks later, just before the canvases and prints were delivered, the little Scottie passed. The family of course was devastated but so very thankful to have quality photographs forever capturing her spirit to hang on their walls and see and love every day.

“I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! wow these are absolutely TERRIFIC!!  thanks Meredith!!  
really enjoyed how easy you made the process and I love love love the beautiful pictures! I adore them!! 
Thanks again so much — it really means sooo much to have these beautiful, soulful pictures of my girl (and the teenaged kitties).” xoxoxo ss