Family photo sessions

Each session is customized to the unique energy and heartbeat of your family and occasion, plus what you’re wanting to walk away with. I cater to you. My job is to seamlessly capture the joy, love, connection, emotions, wonder, and milestones of your “now” with images full of deep feels, and provide luxurious lasting ways to celebrate your existence and legacy. I LURV how no two families (or occasions) are the same and thereby no two sessions are either. Check out below for some samples of a bunch of families I had the honour of capturing. You can feel the variance, as well as the intimacy, care, and comfort they each possess. My hope is that these images serve as reminders of how each family loves, and how each family grows, and for these images to continue to grow in importance and value throughout their lives.

major milestones

The 1 year milestone is one of my absolute faves. That new squishy, silly, edibleness of the first year is absolute magic. Most families begin documenting with me at that age and continue to chronicle their kids’ teens and beyond. What’s especially amazing is that the families (most importantly the kids) have a physical catalogue of a dozen or so albums each detailing a different formidable year. So they can go back to any year of their childhood and reflect upon where they are now, where they came from, etc. It’s pretty freaking cool.

growing together

It’s super common for a family to hire me every year to capture the evolution and growth of their kids. I find it super important to have current reflections and celebrations of your family, in addition to the collective history. Watching how we change and grow through the years is intrinsically fascinating, and it’s especially important for kids to see how they belong to something bigger than themselves and, of course, see that they always have been loved and valued for who they are. I’ve had the immense pleasure of photographing this family each year for over five years. Each time, they create a new album and add some more framed prints to their hallway of history. I can’t wait to see how they grow.