Pet Photography

two dogs

“Meredith- WOW -these are such a gift!
thank you, meredith!
I’m CRYING they’re just so wonderful.
– N.D.

Why pet photography?

If you’re like me, your pets are everything- your family, best friend, and heart. They are love. And, more than often, they are hilarious. (And they’ll never need braces, spend all their time texting, or crash your car.)

They’re unique, irreplaceable and, more than often, the best company imaginable.

And we love them so so so so so very much.

The only not-so-amazing thing is that they’re with us for such a short time.

Which is why it’s vital to celebrate their lives and love while they’re with us, before it’s too late. I can’t tell you how many client’s have written me so grateful we had our photo session as just weeks later, their pet unexpectedly passed, and, had they waited, they never would’ve had these tangible memories of their lives…)

How do pet sessions work?

What’s most important is that everyone is happy and comfortable.

I like to keep sessions as easy and spontaneous as possible, starting in the home (where your pet is most familiar), and, if desired, venturing outside to further play, chase and smell things. Most important is spending time doing what your pet LOVES.

I use natural available light so there’s no distraction of flashing lights or unfamiliar scented backdrops. It’s just me and my camera and my crazy ridiculous love for their entire species.

A few weeks after your session, you’ll have the chance to preview all your images, select your favorites and choose how you’d love them displayed. (ie. albums, wall art, digital images etc.)

Tummy rubs and ear scratches always included.

Grace Sessions

For end-of-life, terminally ill or elderly pets I offer a special session dedicated to celebrating their lives and loves. These are often scheduled at very short notice and are treated with the utmost care, understanding and support. These are for and about the pets in need and their families and are very very dear to my heart. Please inquire for further information.

How do I schedule a session?

Sessions are scheduled on days that work best for you. Yes, that does include weekends. Just use the form below – we’ll setup a time to chat and figure it all out.

YES! I want photos of my amazing pet/s! >