Photographing pets

I’ll be the first to say it: our pets are family, period. We love them so very much, and each one is irreplaceable.

Why pet photography

It’s important to celebrate our pets while they’re here and capture them in all their hairy, furry (and sometimes feathery) glory. I can’t tell you how many clients contact me after a session saying their pet unexpectedly passed away and how grateful they are to have my photographs as part of their memory.

How do sessions work?

A lot like human sessions — beginning with everyone happy and comfortable.

I aim to keep sessions as easy and spontaneous as possible. Often we’ll start in the home where the pet is most familiar and then, if desired, venture outside where they can play, chase and sniff around. The most important thing is doing whatever the pet enjoys and always surrounded by love.

My preference is to use available natural light, so there’s no distracting flashes or confusing backdrops. It’s just me, a camera, and my ridiculous amount of love for all animals.

and then what?

I go to work selecting the best images from our session and editing them in preparation for your custom Order Session (usually 6-8 weeks after a shoot). That’s where you will select your favorites and choose how you’d like to have them displayed — in albums, as wall art, digitally, etc.

Grace sessions

These can be the most difficult, but for end-of-life, terminally ill or elderly pets I offer a special session dedicated to celebrating their lives.

These sessions are often scheduled on very short notice and are treated with the utmost understanding, respect and care. Please contact me for additional information.

How do I schedule a session?

Sessions are scheduled on days that work best for you, including weekends. Just use the form below and we’ll set up a time to chat and figure it all out. Please note that I tend to book out quickly, especially with repeat clients who schedule shoots annually, so it’s best to plan a month or two in advance.