Family Event Photography



“Meredith! These shots are amazing!

Thank you so much! You are awesome…
and I really don’t use that term lightly.
We are sooo lucky to have you.
You really captured everything beautifully.
These are wonderful!
We can’t thank you enough.
Thanks again SO MUCH!”
– E.B.


What does event photography involve?

Keeping everything simple, easy and stress-free, my goal is for you, your family and guests to have the most enjoyable time while I unobtrusively capture genuine, heartfelt moments celebrating your big day. I’ve photographed nearly everything under the sun (and shade) and would love to document your next:

• Children’s Birthday
• Grandparents Visit
• Anniversary
• Family Reunion
• Surprise Party
• Special Milestone
• Communion
• Celebration… and more


Let’s take some photos!