“Meredith, we are really very delighted with the outcome of your work. So many of the shots are vivid, lively and really capture the warmth and joy of the evening. You’ve done a wonderful job and we’re very pleased with the results. You’ve given us a lasting record of a very special event in our lives. Thanks again,” -C.P.

“oh man. i just looked at every single one of them. you know that thing they say about looking at your wedding pictures and being like “oh that was great” but also  “oh! that happened?” looking at these was even more like that for me than looking at my wedding photos was. amazing. and wonderful.” – E. E.

“Dear Meredith, I want to thank you so much for all your good work! We were so pleased by your ability to get in the mix and take so many amazing photos! You have such a wonderful work style and I’m thrilled that you were there to capture our special day. Thank you!” J.B.

“Meredith, Wow the pictures are gorgeous! There is a ton of beautiful stuff. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to show them to our families and print them and display them proudly in our home. I looked at them with my girls at the office and they went nuts. I love the photos! Thank you so much for being so awesome – you did such an amazing job – and I felt so relaxed and happy knowing that you were the one to capture the evening perfectly.

Everyone loved you.  Many, many thanks again!” – L.A.

“Meredith! These shots are amazing! Thank you so much! You are awesome… and I really don’t use that term lightly. We were sooo lucky to have you… What great shots! You really captured the evening beautifully- These are wonderful! We can’t thank you enough!” – E.B.

“Meredith! The votes are in! MY DAD LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEDDDD the book of his surprise party!!! — and just in case that looks like loooveed — I meant LOVED IT — “That gal has quite an eye. Even the posed shots look natural. A gorgeous layout. Please thank Meredith for me!” OMG what a hit. He’s really tough to please, believe me.” It was the perfect fathers day gift. PERFECT! Thank you, thank you!” – C.H.

“Thank you Meredith for making the process go so smoothly!!!!’ -B.L.

“Thanks Meredith for all your efforts at the party and for being so accommodating.  Everyone had good things to say about their interactions with you which was lovely. Thank you Meredith.  The pics are great!” – P.M.

“Wow. Meredith, they look amazing!! Thank you so much!” – D.S.

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