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Toddler smiling at camera


“Meredith has been photographing our family for eight years, since our first child was a toddler. She captures children’s joy and wonder, and at the same time, our kids’ unique personalities, in a remarkable and exceptional way. She captures moments that feel timeless and fleeting at the same time. I treasure the photographs she’s taken, and they become even more special to us over time. Meredith is also incredibly fun to work with, and our kids are crazy about her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”



“Meredith has a true gift of capturing each personality in my family so well – including my dog! Working with her is like working with a close friend. Not only is she absolutely lovely to work with, but the photos she produces are AMAZING in every way. From the stunning captures to the high quality products for purchase – you will not be disappointed. It’s become a tradition for Meredith to take my family’s yearly photos. My only regret is that I wish I discovered Meredith sooner!”


Toddler smiling at camera
Toddler smiling at camera


“You can feel the emotion when you look at a Meredith Zinner photo. Her love of her profession, clients and life are endless. She has been documenting our family for a decade and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I look back on the years of photos I can hear the giggles, jokes, story telling and overall love of each photo shoot. Year after year our pictures are priceless and perfect. Thank you for being your amazing self Meredith and thank you for capturing my family so perfectly year after year.”



“If you want boring standard pictures of perfectly posed princes and princesses, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want an album that captures the essence of your children at their most relaxed smiley best, then you’ve found your photographer. Meredith is exuberant, fun and very often incredibly silly and our kids totally adored spending time with her. “When is Meredith coming again?” was the mantra for days after she left. She is a grown-up and very talented woman who is so in touch with her inner child, it’s scary. One could say rather that she’s in touch with her outer adult. Let her do her thing uninterrupted and watch her become one of the kids…and incidentally take the most stunning pictures of your children at the same time. The result? An album where every picture captures the crazy reality that is being a child. People who hardly know our kids are moved by the pictures so you can only imagine how we feel about them. Thanks Meredith!”


Toddler smiling at camera
Little boy smiling at camera


“You can stop looking for photographers now because you found the one. Just start scheduling your session now because she’s THAT good. I could tell you about how her magnetic personality that pulls the very best out of anyone during a shoot or how her keen eye behind the camera manages to capture even the most brief moments of magic. I could tell you about how my son and my dog light up when they see her. I could tell you about all of these things, but you really need meet her to see for yourself. We had a couple ideas about where we wanted to shoot, but I feel like everything worked best when we just went with what felt natural. With a toddler and a dog, it was expected to be chaotic, but Meredith made it work and caught the best of planned and candid moments alike. TL;DR: This is your photographer. I’ve never met anyone who can bring out the very best in any situation and capture it so expertly as Meredith does.”



“I’ve had Meredith take photos of my son 3 separate times now and she is an incredible talent. Having no photo skills myself I wanted to get professional pix to capture all those moments and nuances i could not on the ol’ iphone. (Not to mention, if you are the mom, you may notice you barely have any pix of yourself and your kid together!) Meredith greets your child as if she is a playmate and your kid is just going to have a fun playtime rather than a boring, forced or posed “session.” She has a childlike spirit that my son really responds to every time, whether he was age 3 and showing her his toys, or age 8 and making poop jokes. Meredith meets your child’s energy wherever they are and really captures his or her spirit on film in a priceless way. Oh, and after the first session, my son said, “Can she come over to play again?!”

— R.D.

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