Children’s Photography

Photographing kids

I think kids are freaking magic and we’re so so lucky to have them fill our lives. They’re all so utterly unique and amazing and hilarious and childhood is so fundamentally important (everything really does go back to it doesn’t it?) I think it’s VITAL to document this time as best as you can. Not just for parents to remember, but also for kids to be able to revisit their beginnings, their lives, and how they were loved, through the rest of their lives.

How do family sessions work?

I know you’re incredibly busy and want glorious images and premium heirlooms that celebrate your family in the most personal heartfelt way. I come into your homes and lives and capture your collective unique specialness as if I’ve known you for decades. You receive dynamic stunning imagery and keepsakes to enjoy, revisit and serve as meaningful collective memories of your lives.

How do I schedule a session?

Sessions are scheduled on days that work best for you (YES that includes WEEKENDS). Jump to the form below to set up a time to figure it all out. I cater mostly to families who shoot with me annually and tend to book out quickly, so it’s best to schedule a month or two in advance to assure a spot.

Family in the yard

Amazing in Every Way!

“Meredith has a true gift of capturing each personality in my family so well – including my dog! Working with her is like working with a close friend. Not only is she absolutely lovely to work with, but the photos she produces are AMAZING in every way. From the stunning captures to the high quality products for purchase – you will not be disappointed. It’s become a tradition for Meredith to take my family’s yearly photos. My only regret is that I wish I discovered Meredith sooner!”


What runs deeper than family love?

What runs deeper than family love? Not even our furthest galaxy. What do we parents want most? For our kids to feel seen and loved as they really and truly are. What can you gaze at everyday, hug with your heart, and pass down to future generations … FAR FROM SCREENS? Meaningful family albums, luxurious wall art, and prints to chronicle your growth, prepare a treasure map of your lives, and preserve your ever-evolving love.

What brings all this together? ME!

Yep, I come to you, in the comfort of your home, yard, or nearby park. I capture all the fantastic nooks and crannies of your kids’ personalities, and document your family in all their glory.

Rather than abandon you with a bunch of soon-to-rot digitals, I create the most gorgeous ways to tangibly celebrate your family’s amazingness with hand-delivered customized heirlooms (oh, they are SO AWESOME) for your home in Brooklyn, NYC, or wherever else you might be.

Your images will authentically reflect the unique love surrounding your most precious-est of people – babies, kids, moms, dads, grandparents, pets – whoever you wish to document and celebrate.

This is a time for your kids to be showered with attention while you get to sit back and relax. I make 100% sure you (and everyone else at our session) look great and never have to worry about knowing ‘what to do’ in front of the camera. Everyone’s inner and outer beauty will always shine.

I’ve been photographing families of every shape, size and kind for well over two decades. Yes, I can get a liiiiiiiittle silly in my sessions. So if you see me pretend to eat a table, hide under a grain of rice, or have a full-on conversation with your sofa– it’s coz I’ll truly do anything for a genuine smile (not the pained, fake kind).

If you seek incredible photographs and custom heirlooms of your heartfelt moments to relive again and again, congratulations, your search is over! I’m here to capture the story of your love – artistically and beautifully.

I can’t wait to work with you and make your dreamiest photo dreams come true.